Culture Smart! Uganda: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Aside from Uganda’s extraordinary wildlife and natural beauty it is the Ugandan people who make this country different. Drawn from more than twenty tribes, they represent a rich blend of traditions and culture. You can sample this in dance and song performances by groups such as the Ndere Troupe in Kampala, or you can wander through a village, and get to know the local people. You will find them sociable, warm, and hospitable. Kampala is famous as the social capital of East Africa, the city that never sleeps, where every kind of nightlife is on offer.

Of course it is impossible to generalize about the character of more than thirty million people, but the remark is often made that Ugandans are friendly, and it is the case that most Ugandans are happy to start up a conversation with a stranger. Riding on a bus in Uganda is a very different experience from riding on the London Underground: people are curious, and will want to know about you. Even though the official language is English, many of the local people are not fluent in it, which can make communication more difficult but by no means impossible. The level of spoken English is more widespread than in either Kenya or Tanzania, so it is not hard to find your way around, or communicate reasonably well, even if you are deep in the country. Many tourist also note that Ugandans are often very empathetic!

It is not the high quality of life that makes Ugandans happier than their neighbours, but their positive, optimistic outlook on life. Perhaps the years of adversity have made them appreciate what they have. This national characteristic, where Ugandans have traditionally shared what they have, makes them special. It is not possible to call in at a mealtime and leave without partaking in the family meal, and probably also being given something to take home.

The Uganda of today is a unique blend of beauty, tradition, and modernity. The visitor will generally need to reach out to Ugandans first, as they have seen many foreigners come and go who are not really interested in their lives, and if you don’t bother with them, they will not bother with you. However, once you demonstrate your interest, they will accept you with open arms.

In order to avoid the inevitable cultural pitfalls for the unwary traveler – differences in expectations, customs and ways of behaving. This book provides key insights into Ugandan life and offers practical tips on how best to meet the Ugandan people on their own terms and other vital information for tourists and businesspeople alike.


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