Culture Smart! Iceland: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Iceland has erupted onto the travel scene in recent years. With striking views of bubbling turquoise geysers set among rugged snowy peaks, black sand beaches, crashing glacial waterfalls, and the ethereal majesty of the northern lights, one can only wonder what took it so long. But what of the people who call this remote North Atlantic island home? Behind a stoic veneer lies a proud, industrious, and egalitarian people, whose straightforwardness and ability to wing it have seen them thrive in this beautiful but unforgiving environment.

One common phrase you might hear in Iceland is  “verti∂arhugarfar” or “fishing-season mentality”. As any fisherman will tell you, when the season is right and the shoal appears, the time has come to cast your net. And, more than that, cast as many nets as you can, because tomorrow may already be too late. It encapsulates the almost gung-ho manner in which people will make the most of an opportunity that presents itself, to the extent that they may sometimes end up going too far and, in doing so, damage their own prospects of continued success.  Icelanders like to seize the day, and make the most of the present in spite of any perceived risk. We like that approach too!

This mentality is not surprising when you consider the Icelandic concept þetta reddast—pronounced “thetta reddast”—which is used to express the firmly held belief that everything will turn out all right in the end, that it will be so without the need for extensive planning or worry, and that one should be ready to adapt to the circumstances, whatever they require. Translated roughly, it means “everything will work out fine,” and goes some way to explain the Icelandic peoples’ willingness to forgo caution in order to seize opportunities as they arise.

While other cultures are more inclined toward meticulous organisation, the Icelander is more sensitive to the unpredictability of life, so flexibility and a basic optimism that things will turn out for the best are more highly valued. And how could it be otherwise? Iceland is not stable—it is perched on the convergence of two tectonic plates and has more than thirty volcanoes that could erupt at any time. The weather can change dramatically, and the country’s economic health is almost entirely determined by the price of aluminum, fish, and the number of tourists who decide to visit in the year—factors that are largely out of anyone’s control, as the recent pandemic has made abundantly clear.

It was only a couple of generations ago that the majority of Icelanders were farmers and fisherman who were at the mercy of nature and extreme weather conditions, and so, having become highly attuned to uncertainty and the necessity of adaptation, they have developed a more flexible and optimistic attitude toward life and its twists and turns.

Culture Smart! Iceland will equip you with a deeper understanding of your hosts and their complexities, as well as with vital insights to turn your visit into a more enriching experience.

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