Wednesday Wanderlust – 10 Cultural Tips from South Asia

Planning a trip to South Asia or just want to learn more about the region? The following tips and facts will give you an insight into its rich and varied culture for all your travel needs:


1. There is a saying that Bangladeshis maintain ‘Bangladesh’ time, and so you might notice that they display a rather casual attitude toward timekeeping. If you are visiting someone socially, allow plenty of time for this relaxed attitude: they will want to chat before a meal and then relax and chat some more, afterwards.

2. The many festivals and celebrations of Bangladesh have given rise to the expression “baro mashe tero parbon” (thirteen festivals in twelve months). These include Nabanno Utsab (Harvest Festival), Basanta Utsab (Spring Festival) and Pokela Boishakh (Bengali New Year’s Day). This New Year celebration is actually held on April 14th as it follows the Bengali calendar, rather than the Western Gregorian calendar.

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Behind the Pen ∘ Sri Lanka

To accompany our new releases we’re returning to our Behind the Pen series of interviews with the authors of Culture Smart!. In the series we take a closer look at who our authors are, how they became conversant in a culture they were not born into, and what they’ve gained from their cultural experiences abroad.

As the series continues to grow and evolve, we now count over 100 authors as part of our team, who work with us on our mission to bridge understanding and build relations between people of different cultural backgrounds. Our authors come from all walks of life, among them diplomats, foreign journalists, NGO workers, educators and storytellers.

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5 Tips for Doing Business in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is well known for its tropical beaches, exotic wildlife and pristine temples, but many economists have pointed to its fast rate of growth, too. Since the end of the civil war in 2009, the nation has seen a drop in poverty from 15% to just 4% and it is now considered a middle income country. With this in mind many are looking to do business there, but with strong religious inclinations, powerful communal bonds and a strict observance of social norms, there are many potential pitfalls that any foreign entrepreneur should be wary of. Here is a list of 5 important tips for those looking to do business in Sri Lanka:

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