Culture Smart! Switzerland: The Essential Guide to Customs and Culture

Set aside your preconceptions of postcard scenery, chocolate and cheese, faceless bankers, and spotless cities. The real Switzerland is anything but bland.

This small, rugged, landlocked country in the middle of Europe is full of surprises, among them traditional customs and festivals which vary not just region to region, but village to village. Energetic, magical, and occasionally eccentric, these customs reveal a side to the Swiss that you may never have suspected.

Culture Smart! Switzerland introduces you to the rich human dimension of this enigmatic country. It provides an historical overview, explores Swiss values and attitudes, and gives advice on how to navigate your way through various aspects of Swiss life and society. It looks at the home life of the Swiss, and describes what’s important to them, how they work, socialize, and how best to get along with them. All this will give you a starting point so that you can discover for yourself the hidden riches of this fascinating society.

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    • ISBN: 9781787028609
    • Format: Paperback
    • Page count: 200
    • Dimensions: 170 x 110 x 15mm
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