Argentina - Culture Smart!

The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Robert Hamwee


Argentina is a country that embraces much more than gaucho, tango and football. Very unlike its Latin American neighbors, it has evolved in a distinctive way, and is quite different from the expectations many visitors have of a stereotypical Latin American destination.

The Argentinians have developed a style, a language, and a way of life that are all their own. They are a passionate, friendly, extroverted, and, particularly in Buenos Aires, vociferous people who have experienced the hardships of cruel economic downturns and hyperinflation of gargantuan proportions. 

This book deals with the many facets of the Argentinian way of life. It has been designed to give you a comprehensive insight into their social and business habits, culture, customs, and values. This, with advice on communicating and avoiding misunderstandings will pave the way for a more successful and enjoyable trip, whatever your reason for travelling!

Late Arrivals

If invited to a party it is not advisable to arrive on time. Being kept waiting is also normal, and if the other party should arrive late at a restaurant or a meeting and display little or no compunction this should not be taken as a sign of lack of respect or consideration.

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