Iceland - Culture Smart!

The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Thorgeir Freyr Sveinsson


The volcanic island of Iceland has erupted onto the world travel scene in recent years. With otherworldly landscapes of steaming turquoise geysers set among rugged snowy peaks, miles of icy black sand beaches, and the breath-taking splendor of the northern lights, one can only wonder what took so long. But what of the people who call this island home? Behind a stoic veneer lies a proud, industrious, and egalitarian people, whose straightforwardness and ability to wing it have seen them thrive in this beautiful but unforgiving environment.

Culture Smart! Iceland will take you to the heart of this plucky Nordic nation. It will equip you with a deeper understanding of your hosts and with the tools to turn your visit into a more meaningful and enriching experience, whatever your reason for traveling.

Prepare for a Late One

Irish social events tend to run later than in America or Britain. Guests at a dinner party, for example, will not be expected to arrive precisely on time, and leaving well before midnight is not usually a good sign for the hosts. Arriving up to three quarters of an hour late for a friendly meet up at a pub is also not unusual.

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