Britain - Culture Smart!

The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Sarah Riches


Britain is emerging from a decade of historic change. A Scottish bid for independence saw the relationship of the four nations evolve, and the passing of the world’s longest serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, marked the end of an era. Today, as the post-Brexit, post-Covid dust settles, the country is having to redefine itself in a multipolar world.

The challenges are many, yet so are the attributes that have enabled the peoples of these islands to find success over adversity time and again: an even-tempered reserve, tolerance, a love of fair play, a certain bloody-mindedness, and a sense of humour that turns misfortune to mirth. British pragmatism and ingenuity have ensured that, despite the setbacks, the country’s economy remains the sixth largest in the world.

This new and updated edition of Culture Smart! Britain unpacks all this and more. Penetrate the polite veneer of the people, learn about their customs and traditions, become acquainted with their values and attitudes, and your experience of this green and pleasant land will be greatly enriched.

Space Invaders

During conversation a healthy amount of personal space is expected to be maintained, and "space invaders" are generally not appreciated, though rush hour on the London Underground and the pub might be the exceptions!

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