Austria - Culture Smart!

The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Peter Gieler


Austria has produced some of the world's finest composers, dazzled us with an imperial Baroque architecture, and led the way with groundbreaking psychoanalysis. It has taught us to waltz, defined what a real coffee house is, and given us one of Europe's most popular winter playgrounds. All this from one small nation, roughly the size of South Carolina.

Historically the country was a land of transit along the Danube route, and the meeting of Germanic, Mediterranean, and Eastern European peoples helped to shape the Austrians of today. They have turned their heritage and culture to good advantage, developed new high-tech industries, established relationships with their former Communist neighbors as well as their EU partners, and have enjoyed a small economic miracle.

Culture Smart! Austria describes the real people in the picture postcard, offering key insights into everyday Austrian life and equipping you to discover for yourself the many qualities of this lively people.



Austrian society is obsessed with titles and forms of address that perform the functions of boosting your own status and of flattering the people who, you hope, will advance your interests. Visitors to Austria ignore the importance of titles at their peril!

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