Saudi Arabia - Culture Smart!

The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Cheryl Obal

Saudi Arabia

From a distance, Saudi Arabia may seem a subdued, or even dull place; but for those who take a closer look it emerges as a fascinating country, not necessarily because of its political and economic importance, but because of its people. Reticent perhaps but, on closer acquaintance, charming and warm, the Saudis form a far less monolithic society than one might expect.

Divided by region, creed, and background but united in Islam, insular yet forever traveling abroad, and living with a foreign contingent that makes up nearly one-third of the population: the list goes on. So what do Saudis have in common beyond their national dress?

Culture Smart! Saudi Arabia will help you navigate the swirling waters of this important and fast-changing country. Social, cultural, and business life is demystified in concise chapters, while sections on the values, traditions, and attitudes that prevail will help you find your way through the new and unexpected situations that you are likely to encounter.


The month of Ramadan is dedicated to the duty of fasting, to prayer, and to charity. At sunset, the fast is broken with the iftar meal, which consists of a handful of dates and drink of water or apricot juice. The feast continues throughout the night with a great variety of delicious Ramadan treats. It is now somewhat common for people to put on weight over the course of the month rather than lose it!

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