Israel - Culture Smart!

The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Jeffrey Geri & Marian Lebor

Special edition to mark the 70th year of Israel’s independence

Culture Smart! Israel is a concise cultural guide that enables readers to get to the heart of this diverse, dynamic and paradoxical country and enable you to make the most of your visit. Independent since 1948, this 70th anniversary edition provides important insights into the complexities of Israeli society so that you will know what to expect and how to behave in different circumstances, avoid misunderstandings and form good relations both socially and in business.

While Israel is a modern and largely secular country, it is one steeped in biblical history and in which religion still plays an active role in public life. In seventy years it has grown from a sparsely populated strip of land into a vigorous democracy and regional superpower. Often called the Startup Nation, Israel is a world leader in a number of Hi-tech industries. Its democratic institutions, despite a political and social polarization in recent years, are among the most enlightened in the world.

The fight for survival has had a profound impact on the Israeli psyche. Every family has been touched by war, which has sharpened the zest for life. Nearly every citizen serves in the army, today a formidable fighting machine. Seismic changes in the wider region oblige it to maintain a critical edge. This pocket guide will help readers understand the country and its people beyond the headlines, ensuring for greater understanding and a far more valuable travelling experience, whatever the reason for visiting.

Culture Smart! Israel will help you navigate the daily life of this small and complicated country, in all it's facets: social, business and cultural. You will gain an insight into what to expect, how to behave in different social situations and how to communicate effectively. The values, customs and traditions of the people are all concisely explained, as are the historical events that formed them, bringing your visit to Israel into full color.

Body Language

Talking with one’s hands, arm waving, handshaking, hugging, kissing, back patting, arm touching, triumphant and obscene gesticulating (you’ll know which is which), standing or sitting too close, squeezing, shrugging are all part of the wide lexicon of Israeli nonverbal communications. Paying attention to them will aid the fluency of your communication!

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