Malawi - Culture Smart!

The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Kondwani Bell Munthali


Culture Smart! Malawi introduces you to the people of this beautiful land. It describes the forces that have shaped their outlook and guides you through various situations so that you know what to expect. You will be received with warmth and great hospitality. Reciprocate with interest and respect, and your encounter will be both deepened and enriched.

Nicknamed “the Warm Heart of Africa,” “Land of the Lake,” and “the Land of Smiling faces,” Malawi is renowned for the legendary friendliness and charm of its people and its dazzling lake, which occupies about a third of its area. Malawi is home to many diverse African cultures, from the indigenous hunter-gathers to the incoming iron-working Bantu settlers who left us their fourteenth-century rock paintings. Dress, dance, masks, language, and traditional festivals all reflect waves of migrating tribes—those fleeing Shaka Zulu in the south, Swahili Arab slave traders in the east, and Bantu from Central Africa.

This historic blend has produced a people who are strong, good-humored, conservative, traditional, yet adaptable, creative, loyal, and hard-working. Malawi is one of the most peaceful predominantly English-speaking nations loved by the West, with many foreigners making it their home. Culture Smart! Malawi is your guide to the customs and culture of this welcoming and friendly nation. The insights that it offers into the values and attitudes of this beautiful country, allowing for a deeper understanding and a more enriched travel experience.

Northern Names

Northerners who have traveled abroad often give their children foreign place names, such as Southwood, Scotland, or Texas. So now, whenever something particular, such as elections or new technology, is in the news, other Malawians will say that babies born in the north will probably be called “Rigging” or “4G Munthali.”

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