Egypt - Culture Smart!

The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Isabella Morris


At first sight, modern-day Egypt is an unruly and chaotic place: a cacophony of sounds, an overload of smells, and a swirling visual feast. Ancient church domes and medieval minarets share the same space with fast-food chains and chic air-conditioned cafes.

Egyptian society has undergone dramatic changes in recent years, yet tradition and deeply conservative views prevail. Culture Smart! Egypt explores the codes and paradoxes of Egyptian life, outlines the country' s history, and shows the forces that have shaped its sensibility. It explains the key values and attitudes, guides you through local customs and traditions, and opens a window into the private lives of Egyptians and offers advice on how to get a long with them and how to be a good guest.

First Impressions

Greetings are very important and many Egyptians will form their opinion of someone based on the way they greet them. Warmth is fundamental, even in formal settings. Firm handshakes and accompanying smiles are well received, as are pats on the back between men and cheek kissing between acquainted women.

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