South America

While the twelve nations that make up the South American continent can be said to have a lot in common, there is a great diversity amongst the almost four billion people who live here. Differences in culture, traditions and etiquette go much deeper than the common similarities in language and religion.

Home to the Andes mountains, the Amazon river and vast rainforests, the cultures of South America today have to a great extent been shaped by the interaction of the countries' indigenous peoples, European colonisers and those who were bought to the region from Africa as slaves during the colonial period. Each country has its own cultural twists and blends that are not wisely overlooked!

Culture Smart! will help you navigate the cultural terrain and get closer to its beating heart. Insights into the people's values, attitudes, codes and customs - and the key historical events that have shaped them - will help you make sense of your experiences and approach them with understanding. Each guide also includes many tips on what to expect in certain situations, and on good communication - both verbal and non-verbal.

We hope to help those visiting the region do more than just scratch the surface and taste travel at its best - as enjoyable and meaningful cultural exchange.

Culture Smart! guides: