Publicity Work Experience – August 2018

We are open with a 2 week work experience slot available in August for someone with a massive interest in publicity and media communications. Responsibilities include: market research, developing media lists, drafting copy, and liaising with reviewers and media connections – with the aim to increase awareness and recognition for a select few of our non-fiction titles. The project will be yours to claim as your own – with instruction, help and guidance from the team, and we’ll tell you all you need to know about marketing and publicity in the world of publishing!

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5 unique Indonesian destinations: a mini cultural guide


By Jessica Ginting



Indonesia is one of the most culturally diverse places in the world.  With more than 17,000 islands spread across the archipelago, there is an abundance of destinations to visit. Each island boasts a wealth of different cultural sites, regional cuisine and traditional ceremonies that any visitor would be able to witness and even take part in. Here are 5 unique Indonesian destinations to visit and some cultural traditions and events to look out for:


On the rise for its stunning pink beaches, colour-changing lakes and prehistoric reptiles, Flores is an island that boasts a rather effortless, natural beauty. However, there are plenty of thrills to be found deeper inland as well—the Caci is a traditional warrior dance where men prove their sexual virility and engage in combat with whips made of buffalo tail leather. The performance is usually accompanied by lively drum and gong music. Certainly not for the faint hearted, the drops of blood shed in this ritual are believed to fertilize the land for the coming harvest.

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NEW Culture Smart! titles – released June 2018

We are excited to announce we’ve got two brand new titles published in the Culture Smart! series, as well as three new editions.

To celebrate our summer releases, we’re giving 30% off on all web orders using our promo code CSJUNE30. [visit our shop: ]

The two brand new titles are CS Malawi and CS Zambia.. We’ve got new editions of CS Israel, Netherlands and UAE.

Publishing Controller advert | PC202

Kuperard Publishers & Distributors are looking for a new Publishing Controller to join their sales and marketing team. This is an excellent opportunity for a self-motivated, bright and organised individual. Kuperard are the publishers of the Culture Smart! and Simple Guides series, and distributors of non-fiction texts from major US publishing houses.


  • Managing the bibliographic information for a large number of titles to ensure all sources have correct availability, pricing and cover images.
  • Providing title information to Amazon, key buyers and accounts.
  • Project management – being able to work on regular promotions, marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Liaising professionally with overseas distributors to ensure that our titles are given the best chance to sell.
  • Overseeing the production of marketing information such as AIs, order forms and catalogues for our sales representatives.
  • Curating content for online publication and handling social media outlets.
  • Reporting and analysing stock and sales information.

Skills needed:

  • Strong IT skills – MS Office, in particular being highly competent in Excel and knowledge of Access an advantage. Knowledge of using a CMS to update website content and Google Analytics would be an advantage.
  • Basic knowledge of publishing processes such as production and bibliographic data.
  • Strong data analysis skills and knowledge of data
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Highly motivated and able to work on various projects independently.
  • Ability to work efficiently as a team and is a team-player

The job is based in North London in our sales and marketing office.

Salary: £20,000 to £23,000 per annum subject to skills and experience.

Please send over a full CV and covering letter detailing your relevant skills and experience to by Monday 11th June 9.30 AM.

Spring/Summer Work Experience – Kuperard Publishing

Work Experience Spring/Summer 2018 programme – Marketing and Publicity

Are you looking to kick start your publicity career in publishing at a small friendly publishing house based in North London? Kuperard publishers are looking for a self-motivated individual to come join us this spring/summer on our marketing and publicity work experience programme.

Responsibilities include market research, developing media lists, drafting copy and liaising with reviewers – with the aim to increase awareness and recognition for a select few of our non-fiction titles.

Person specification

Experience in a publishing industry is not necessary, but we will be looking out for people with:

  • An interest in non-fiction books
  • Passion for books and media
  • Strong desire to work in either marketing or publicity
  • Excellent communication skills: via email and verbally
  • Ability to focus on the task at hand and is result orientated
  • Good computer skills

Work experience placements run for an initial two weeks with possible extension. Lunch and travel expenses paid. Placements will start from May onward.

We’d love to hear from you, so please get back to us with a short cover letter, CV and your availability to CV and cover letter should be attached as either pdf or word.doc file, and applications should be sent to us asap.

(Note: Kuperard are the publishers of the Culture Smart! series, however, work experience students will primarily be working on our distributed non-fiction titles)

Wednesday Wanderlust – 10 Values and Attitudes of Central Asia

This week’s Wednesday Wanderlust takes us to Central Asia for a look at the values and attitudes celebrated among these nations:


  • Superstitions – Ill-wishing neighbours can cause you harm by placing sand or broken needles in fornt of your house. A mullah, or any old person, can help to avert the evil eye or bad luck, cure the sick, mend a relationship, and so on, by reading a prayer in Arabic.

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Faux Pas and Feminism: Navigating France as a millennial Brit

The vibrancy and electricity of this Monday at midnight made an English Friday night look bland by comparison.

In an account of my relocation to Montpellier in the South of France, I tackle everything from first encounters to feminism on the other side of the Channel.

Top tip number 1 for moving abroad:  When arriving alone, at midnight, with three suitcases, DO check which Hotel Ibis your reservation is at before you land.

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Wednesday Wanderlust – 10 Values and Attitudes of the Balkans

The Balkan Peninsula takes its name from the Balkan Mountains that stretch all the way from the Serbian-Bulgarian border to the Black Sea. Located in South Eastern Europe, the exact definition of the Balkans is often disputed.  Nevertheless, the countries that either entirely or partially lay within its borders are diverse in their culture and attitudes. To get you started, here’s 10 key values from across the region taken straight from our guides:

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Kuperard Publishing are looking for authors, both to update some existing titles and to write new books for our expanding Culture Smart! series. We’re currently looking for authors to update editions on the following countries: Cambodia, Singapore, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Tunisia, Finland, Czech Republic.

Culture Smart! guides are short introductory books that aim to alert first-time visitors to the values and attitudes of different countries. They don’t duplicate the hard information given in conventional guidebooks but focus on the human dimension, on a country’s culture, so as to enable foreign visitors both to be understanding guests and to get the most out of their visit. They tell the reader how the people of the country see themselves, and why, and something of their history, their collective experience, their manners, and their private lives. They steer visitors through various situations, helping them to avoid awkward gaffes and misunderstandings.

There are over 100 titles in the series so far. We have had good reviews in The Observer, The Sunday Telegraph and The New York Times, the series has appeared on CNN’s Travel website, and has featured on BBC World’s weekly travel programme “Fast Track”. For the full list of titles, see:

Our authors are generally, but not exclusively, native English-speakers who have lived in the subject country for some time and know it well. If you are interested, please contact us on to enquire for more details, or apply with a CV and a sample of your writing.

Feature: Why South Korea is the most unique destination for the Winter Olympics.

By Marie-Teresa Hanna


The Winter Olympics are only a few days away and this year will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. This is a victory for South Korea after their bids were rejected for the 2010 and 2014 games. This unique region lies 80 miles from Seoul and 50 miles from North Korea. Getting there previously was so difficult the roads were described as sheep intestines! However, due to the upcoming Winter Olympics, the government have increased funding into transport in order to make it more accessible for tourists and athletes. Over $13 billion has been spent building a bullet train and highway, including 78 bridges and 98 tunnels, improving access from Pyeongchang to Seoul. In addition to this, money has been put towards building sports facilities such as ski slopes and ice rinks. For such a hidden away gem, this destination is a massive achievement and one which is sure to spark wanderlust for all those that will watch it in the games.

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